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In case you have donated directly through UPI, kindly WhatsApp your details such as Name, Address and PAN for 80G receipt on 8369501441

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Your valuable donation is crucial to the success of our programmes. Our dedicated fundraising team will be happy to discuss the various support opportunities available. We can ensure your support goes towards a specific project that will meet your aims and interests. Similarly, you can make an unrestricted contribution, safe in the knowledge that we will distribute your grant to wherever it will have the biggest impact.

The organisation will provide updates in the form of reportsand photographs of the project you are supporting and can acknowledge your support through our communication channels, where appropriate. In the case of specific project funding, the opportunity for trustees to engage with our partners and beneficiaries may also be possible through our meetings and related communication.

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We appreciate and thank your decision to fundraise our projects. We invite you to join incredible community of alumni and friends who find unique and challenging ways to support our work.

Stichybee Foundation believes that no citizen in our country should be left out of having a dignified right to live. In our quest we provide all the necessary skills, education, and motivation for citizens to become self-dependent and bring glory to our nation. We also strive to provide a comfortable life to the poor and needy.

Help us spread more smiles and light up in people’s lives throughout this journey.